A guide to Annapurna Base Camp: Frequently asked Questions


Frequently asked questions on Annapurna Base Camp trek.

  • Where can I start ABC trek to save time?
  • How to reach Ghandruk directly from Pokhara?
  • What is the shortest ABC trek route?
  • How difficult is the ABC trek?
  • How are the conditions of Tea Houses?
  • What are the costs of food and shelter?
  • Can I get altitude sickness at ABC?
  • Is Jhinu Hotspring worth visiting?
  • Do I need Rain Cover?

Where can I start ABC trek to save time?
We started our trek from Ghandruk to save lots of time. There is direct transport available for Ghandruk from Pokhara.

How to reach Ghandruk directly from Pokhara?
We took a 4 wheeler ride directly from Hari Chowk in Pokhara to reach near Ghandruk from where we had to hike just 30 minutes to reach village. Our ride charged us 750 Nepalese Rupees for one person. You can get a bus or small ride to Hari Chowk in Pokhara from Prithvi Chowk. From there you will find 4 wheelers going to Ghandruk.

What is the shortest ABC trek route?
We started our hike from Ghandruk on second day. Second day you can reach Upper Sinuwa. Third day Deurali. And Then ABC on fourth day. So if you start hike from ghandruk on first day then you can reach ABC on 3rd day. In our case we hiked wrong trail of Ghorepani to reach Chomrong which costs us 2 hours so we had to stop at Chomrong in evening. It is very possible to reach Upper Sinuwa from Ghandruk.

How difficult is the ABC trek route?
The trail in ABC trek is roller coaster. Steep ups and Steep downs. It is strenuous to legs. If you have acute knee pains then you will have to take it slow and steady. Don’t put a target on yourself to reach certain destination. Hike with your comfortable pace. For average legs it’s a good exercise to calf, thighs and glutes.

How are the conditions of Tea Houses?
Conditions are good. You may get last attached bathroom until Chomrong. After that it’s common. Rooms are ample enough for to sleep under shelter.

What are the costs of food and shelter?
For us Nepalese they offer package including one-night shelter, dinner(rice, vegetable and lentils) and next morning breakfast(Tea/Coffee, Boiled egg or Omelette, Gurung Bread or Bread Toast and Vegetable). Highest cost of Package was 1700 NPR at MBC and ABC. In beginning of route package starts from 1100 NPR and slowly goes upto 1500 NPR.More above we go less we saw non-vegetarian option. It’s all vegetarian at high elevation route.

Can I get altitude sickness at ABC?
Maximum altitude you will get at is 4130m / 13550ft on Ghandruk Trek. There has been cases of sickness according to past history. Fortunately we never had any acute issues. When hiking towards MBC for first time you can feel the fatigue because you do get tired quick compared to lower elevation hiking. I did my hiking here very slow and steady. I took breaks and hydrated myself. Don’t rush after Deurali. Take minimum 1 hour break in Deurali if you didn’t stay there for night. Move slowly and use your breathing efficiently after here. If you feel headache slightly then take it slow. Get aware about altitude sickness.

Is Jhinu Hotspring worth visiting?
Yes we found it worth visiting. It soothes the bones to some level after long hiking hours. Water is hot but not hot compared to Tatopani. During our visit there was no ticket counter. It was open free. Visit early morning to enjoy in seclusion. We hardly come across any crowd in hot spring. Hotspring is very clean. Water isn’t stagnant. It continuously maintains the flow.

Do I need Rain Cover?
Yes it rained each day in Route between Sinuwa and Himalaya. So do have good rain cover that protect you and your backpack.

Things I Learned.
I was carrying some extra weight in my backpack. I learned that I didn’t needed extra clothes. I had good quality inner thermals that was enough to keep me warm. You need good thick socks to cover your feet and hat or muffler to cover your ears during the night sleep. I didn’t need anything else to keep me warm. Blanket of lodge was enough. Only at top in MBC and ABC I needed a good Jacket for night. If your inner soles of shoes isn’t good enough then get it added extra or replaced. Your toes and heels will see lots of action. I forgot to bring Sunblock. Sunblock is very important because my face and back part of neck was burnt. Lesson learned hard way.

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