Hiking Satyavati Lake in Palpa


Our hike started from Sisne Khola. It’s few meters after or before Jhumsa Bridge if you are coming from Butwal or Tansen. There is a message board with direction too but in Nepali language so if you are a foreigner you could ask tea houses. They will guide you to the start of trail.

Trail is very easy to identify because mostly they are of stones so very hard to get lost. Kinda stairs made of stone. We followed it. First half of trails passes through forest. After forest we met off-road dirt path for small vehicles. Don’t follow it. Trail made of stones is just across the road and follow that. You want to hike through nature not dusty road.

Satyavati trail of stone.

After 2.5 hours of hike we reached village. Village was so beautiful and clean. From here the bay leaf garden starts. This village produces bay leaves. This will continue until the end.

Banana garden on the hiking trail of satyavati.

After village we reached the highest point of trail where this view-tower Is located. From here you can see Tansen city on the hills. Weather was cloudy and hazy so we couldn’t enjoy the view of snow mountains nevertheless view was spectacular.

View from highest point of satyavati trail.

This is where the stone trail ends too. We followed the dirt path from here to final destination. Satyavati Taal and Temple is just few minutes away from here. Lake was dry this season. I can guess that you can enjoy the lake after monsoon.

Satyavati trail was my best experience so far in Palpa and so close to nature. I enjoyed forest, clean & rustic village, Bay leaf spice gardens, locals, spectacular view from the highest point. I recommend this hiking trail if you ever visit Palpa.

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