Ghandruk Trek 2 Days: A Short Beautiful Hiking Trail in Nepal

Last week I had an opportunity to visit Kaski District and made a plan to do a short hiking of Ghandruk within my limited short leave. I had total 4 days and had to be back home on the 4th day. That left me with 2 days of hiking. I made a plan to hike small section of Ghandruk loop trail that starts from Syaulibazar and ends in Kande after Australian camp. Ghandruk loop trek is very short beautiful trail in Nepal on foothills of Annapurna range. My cousin tagged along.

How tough is the trek?

It ain’t tough. It will never feel like you are in survival mode where you have to take your own food, search for drinking water sources and make your own camp like you see in youtube videos of wilderness in Pacific Crest Trails thru hiking. You will always feel among settlements. You will be hiking through forests, paddy fields, river lines, bridges and villages. You hike with your own pace for there is no race.


Hiking Satyavati Lake in Palpa

Our hike started from Sisne Khola. It’s few meters after or before Jhumsa Bridge if you are coming from Butwal or Tansen. There is a message board with direction too but in Nepali language so if you are a foreigner you could ask tea houses. They will guide you to the start of trail.

Trail is very easy to identify because mostly they are of stones so very hard to get lost. Kinda stairs made of stone. We followed it. First half of trails passes through forest. After forest we met off-road dirt path for small vehicles. Don’t follow it. Trail made of stones is just across the road and follow that. You want to hike through nature not dusty road.


Hiking Ranimahal or Ranighat Palace in Palpa

This weekend I did a short hike to Ranimahal or Ranighat palace located in the banks of Kali Gandaki River. My first time visit to Ranighat was in Jeep vehicle. Journey was very unpleasant due to bumpy and dusty road so have your expectations set accordingly. Near the end of road trip - view of Ranimahal from distant was spectacular with river valley behind and river flowing nearby the banks. Landscape was picturesque. The insides are vacant. Once again don’t have your expectations too up. There isn’t much to the architecture of interiors that could be praised about.

Later I found information on short hiking route/trail to Ranighat. This peaked my interest. What Ranimahal lacks in interiors is compensated by the beautiful landscape around it. I planned the hike with my cousin. The hiking journey was memorable where we passed through clean rustic villages, corn fields, green slopes of hills, lush green forests, lots of creeks and small waterfalls. There were countless small creeks and streams on the trails. I could feel the nature and that is the experience all hikers needs.


I bought a new camera

Photography and vlogging is my recent new hobby and the craft I am learning. Primary reason behind this new found interest is because I want to capture my hiking and outdoor travels other than my eyes. I want to share the experience with people.

Flower of a Coriander

Secondary reason is mental exercise that I recieve in a good way. I am from the field of software engineering and if you may believe or not it requires creativity to solve problems which is the most important skills required in any form of engineering. It’s an art too. No wonder why there are less good engineers among many in saturated market here. I learn new skills whether it is related to my work or if it is a new hobby. It keeps the flow of neurone active and sharp.

Remember new hobbies can be expensive in your wallet based on what hobby you choose so tread carefully and plan.


Trekking to Nuwakot hill from Butwal

nuwakot-doban trail

This weekend I decided to go doban and stretch some extra kilo metres to my daily hike. My daily trail extends upto 5 km uphill and back downhill isn’t a big stress, credits to the fresh air, smoky mountains and chirping of birds that are enough to heal my body and soul.

I decided to backpack for the weekend hike to cover small settlement called Doban beside Tinau river.

There is an official short hike trail from near Fulbari zoo in Butwal. Tourist and locals use it. I wanted to walk along the peak of hills and embrace the scenic beauty from top. Hence I took long path instead. Nuwakot village was my first destination from where Doban was 3 Km downhill. I started my journey from northwest outskirts of Butwal city, somewhere between Belbas and Jeetgadhi.