jungle hiking & bushcraft roast chicken
Into the nepali jungle for hiking and bushcraft cooking adventure. It's a secret jungle trail(one hour away from city outskirts) leading to secret creek - an untouched beautiful spot for camping. We tried tiny bushcraft to make campfire, prepare firewood, made fire in rain and cooked some delicious whole roasted chicken.
Wild Mushroom Hunt: Amanita Caesarea | Nepal
Wild mushroom foraging season is here. We went outdoors to forest in hills to forage mushrooms and identify them. Monsoon has announced its presence and marks the season for some edible mushrooms from Amanita family to be found in wild. Tricky family. We are looking out for mainly Caesar’s Mushrooms or Amanita Caesarea.
Ghandruk Trek - 2019
A short beautiful hiking trail in Kaski district of Nepal that we completed in 3 days. We hiked a loop starting at Syaulibazar then Ghandruk to Australian Camp through Landruk.
Swargadwari Trek - 2020
We hiked to Swargadwari peak in Pyuthan district of Nepal where lies the pilgrimage site. We started the journey from Bhingri and hiked the beaten path through forest and villages. Bhingri lies in the banks of river Rapti khola. It took us 4 hrs to reach Swargadwari pilgrimage site from Bhingri. Join me in calm, relaxing, meditative hike and enjoy beautiful nature. I started this journey as a way of meditation to relieve stress.
Arghakhanchi Hike - 2020
We hiked Daha & Darakateri in district of Arghakhanchi in western Nepal. A beautiful short hiking trail in nepal with beautiful majestic view of Mt Dhaulagiri we started our hiking to reach Daha. We made a fire in wet conditions with the help of Fatwood shavings. We cooked pasta with beans. We were hit by hail storm.
Kathmandu - 2019
First impression - Chaotic, crowded and crazy, Kathmandu is Nepal's insane capital. Spent 2 days exploring the city, and in particular its incredible temples.
Hiking & Cooking
I am hiking somewhere just outside the city in hills. I made a fire camp near creek and setup to cook pasta for lunch in nature's kitchen. Pasta is overcooked. I like them bit crunchy. This is not a bushcraft video but simple outdoor fun.

Recent Adventures

Nepal - Winter hiking and cooking in hail storm.

Dhaulagiri is the seventh highest mountain in the world at 8,167 metres (26,795 ft) above sea level, and the highest mountain within the borders of a single country (Nepal). I look straight at horizon to a clear view of majestic Mt Dhaulagiri range. Mt Dhaulagiri sat there with red crown on its head - looking at little subjects laden in white snow. There was no obstruction in the path of sight. Slowly intensity of red tint increased and revealing all the parts of mountain range in pure white over the contrast of blue sky.

Ghandruk Trek 2 Days: A Short Beautiful Hiking Trail in Nepal

Ghandruk (घान्द्रुक) is a Village Development Committee in the Kaski District of the Gandaki province of Nepal. I made a plan to hike small section of Ghandruk loop trail that starts from Syaulibazar and ends in Kande after Australian camp. Ghandruk loop trek is very short beautiful trail in Nepal on foothills of Annapurna range.

Trekking Swargadwari in lesser Himalayas of Nepal.

Sworgadwari (स्वर्गद्वारी) is a hilltop temple complex and pilgrimage site in Pyuthan District, Nepal At 2100 meters elevation above Swargadwari is located in Pyuthan District of Nepal. Swargadwari in English literally means “Door to Heaven”. In epic Mahabharata, Pandavas supposedly worshipped here before departing to heaven. This is a holy site in Hinduism and Hindu pilgrims from local and India frequently comes here every year.

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