Artisan Error: Failed to listen on localhost:8000


I was creating an admin dashboard based on Laravel. UI components were reactive and build upon the vuejs framework. I will have a post on my experience with the vuejs framework someday.

I was switching between a compilation of Vue component changes and running the laravel localhost server. A regular serve command to start localhost:

php artisan serve —host —port 8000

I was serving at the IP address of the machine so I could test conveniently from other machines and devices connected to LAN.

Between development precess somehow the laravel artisan process mustn’t have closed properly. When I attempted to serve localhost I received this error:

Failed to listen on localhost:8000(reason: Address already in use)

First thing I had to list the processes running in my system. At a given time, there are many different processes running. I will also need to filter the processes relevant to php

ps -ef | grep php

ps command will the processes.
-f is used to view extra full format
grep is to filter our result

Something below will appear:

501 1234 1229 0 11:51AM ttys004 0:00.57 php artisan serve —host —port 8000

Our process id is 1234 here that is running our laravel localhost. We will kill this process using command:

kill <pid number>
kill 1234

It didn’t work. Next I tried was to force terminate the process.

Kill -9 1234

This worked.

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