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Exploring the Wild: A Memorable Road Trip and Safari Adventure in Bardiya National Park

Experience the wild and unpredictable nature of Bardiya's jungle through our exciting morning safari. Hear the sound of rain, witness the beauty of the forest, and be captivated by the aroma that surrounds you. Explore the park's most popular spots for tiger sightings and get up close to the wildlife. Along the way, learn the proper etiquette for inside the park and enjoy the thrill of catching a glimpse of the majestic beasts. But be careful and respectful of the creatures that call this place home, and remember the importance of being cautious. Join us and discover the wild side of Nepal!...

Padam Thapa Mar 2, 2023

English Names of Cereal Crops and Legumes

Ricebean - सिल्टूङ्ग, मस्यांग. They are nutritious protein-rich. Ricebean is anti-inflammatory preventing oedema. Horse Gram - गहत is the most protein-rich lentil found on the planet. List of names for crops and legumes in nepali and english....

Padam Thapa Jul 14, 2022

A guide to Annapurna Base Camp: Frequently asked Questions

How difficult is the ABC trek? The trail in ABC trek is roller coaster. Steep ups and Steep downs. It is strenuous to legs. If you have acute knee pains then you will have to take it slow and steady. Don’t put a target on yourself to reach certain destination. Hike with your comfortable pace. For average legs it’s a good exercise to calf, thighs and glutes....

Padam Thapa Oct 31, 2021

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How to convert Swift String to Array of String

To convert the string literal into an array of strings, we use the map function on the string literal....

Padam Thapa May 16, 2023

How To Efficiently Read Set Lines of Range in Text File

In order to crawl a large text file containing URLs, I required a method that would allow me to specify and read only a certain range of lines, without having to load the entire file into memory. To achieve this, I utilized the islice() function from Python's itertools module....

Padam Thapa Mar 27, 2023

How to remove more than one item at once from Array with matching condition in Swift

In Swift most sequence collections provides removeAll(where:) - an efficient way to remove at once multiple items matching the coditional logic from collection....

Padam Thapa Jan 22, 2023