How To Recover Password in Raspberry Pi


It has been 2 years since I worked on my raspberry pi. I was making an attempt to connect my raspberry pi from macbook via SSH.

ssh pi@192.168.x.x

It asked for password to connect and well…I don’t remember Password of raspberry pi anymore.

The default password on Raspberry Pi OS is raspberry. During fresh installation 2 years ago when I was enabling ssh I had changed default to my own password.

Please Note: I am using Jessie. The following instructions may not be valid anymore for newer version.

I tried the pi configuration utility tool. It allows you to change the password. But it also requires you to input current password to continue. It takes me back to start of the problem. After searching through various helpful instructions in forums I stumbled into very easy solution that didn’t require me to eject my SD Card, plug it in different computer and do change in files etc.

Download: Latest Raspberry pi OS

Prerequisite: If raspberry pi is setup to login automatically, we can

sudo passwd pi

This will straight ask to enter new password and confirm new password. There is no need to input old or current password to continue through. Password is changed.

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