I bought a new camera


Photography and vlogging is my recent new hobby and the craft I am learning. Primary reason behind this new found interest is because I want to capture my hiking and outdoor travels other than my eyes. I want to share the experience with people.

Flower of a Coriander

Secondary reason is mental exercise that I recieve in a good way. I am from the field of software engineering and if you may believe or not it requires creativity to solve problems which is the most important skills required in any form of engineering. It’s an art too. No wonder why there are less good engineers among many in saturated market here. I learn new skills whether it is related to my work or if it is a new hobby. It keeps the flow of neurone active and sharp.

Remember new hobbies can be expensive in your wallet based on what hobby you choose so tread carefully and plan.

I was satisfied with my old iPhone but I bought new dedicated camera. Why? Not because of its quality as it was sufficient for my basic hiking outdoor videos. Issue was the storage. My iPhone has just 16 GB of storage and only 3 GB is available. Recording HD or 4K videos fills up the storage quickly in just 2 or 3 clips based on duration of recording. I do not want to buy new iPhone for this. If you are wondering why I choose iPhone only because I am an iOS engineer and my speciality area is iOS platform. If I have to buy new phone then it has to be iPhone so I could use it for my development testing purpose too. I cannot afford separate phones for personal and work.

I need storage space for an upcoming long hiking trip.

I bought a new camera after lots of research based on my needs. There were external factors also that influenced the decision. Major external factor was availability of camera models in place where I live. We don’t have amazon or big retail stores for camera in my city. My choice was narrowed down between Sony a6300 and Panasonic Lumix G85. The choices was based on 4 primary requirement which are must to have:

  • 4K recording
  • Dust and Moisture resistance
  • Lightweight or compact size
  • Price below 1000 USD (Cheaper than new iPhone or Pixel)

Final choice was fixed on Sony Alpha 6300 but my first choice was G85. I already mentioned external factor of availability in my place. A6300 was below my budget with kittens on discount offer and available so I grabbed it.

I am no expert or amateur or have any skills yet on me to review the quality of camera. I am learning the craft and learning this camera model. I will show few pictures I captured from manual mode while learning basic concepts and having fun.

Season of peaches

At Dusk near top of Tansen

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